La liste de tous les ATM gratuits à l’étranger

Je vous partage une petite astuce qui m’a beaucoup aidé, c’est une liste qui répertorie toutes les banques où l’ont peut retirer gratuitement (vous aurez peut être des frais venant de votre banque selon votre carte), parfois à l’étranger lorsque vous voulez retirer on vous retire 2  peu importe le montant, à chaque fois, au bout d’un moment ça commence à faire.

Alors voilà une liste faite par la communauté de Revolut :

AlbaniaCredins Bank (as of Jul 2019 with MC)
AVOID Raiffeisen Bank, Intesa Sanpaolo Bank, OTP Bank, Union Bank (unclear fees, rejecting Revolut MC)
AndorraANDBANK (as of Sep 2018)
Morabanc (with MC as of Feb 2019)
ArgentinaAll of the ATMs seem to charge in Argentina so far. Approx fees are listed below although they might change frequently due to economic change and inflation in the country!
Badesco (fee of 200-300 ARS as of Jan 2019 with MC/Visa)
Banco de Lá Nacion/Link: 262.80 ARP fee per 4000 ARP transaction (max. withdrawal 4000, 8000 per day limit)
Banco Patagonia/EB: 463 ARP fee for 7500 ARP transaction 
AustraliaNational Bank of Australia (NAB, as of Apr 2018), select “Savings” when withdrawing
rediATM (as of Jan 2017)
AustriaBank Austria/Unicredit (with MC as of Apr 2019)
Bankhaus Carl Spangler (as of Jul 2019 with Visa)
Bawag/PSK (tested in June 2018 with MC)
Hypo Tirol (as of Jul 2019)
Sparkasse (with MC as of Feb 2019)
Volksbank Tirol AG (tested in April 2018 with MC)
AVOID Raiffeisen-Landesbank Tirol AG (fee of 5 EUR with MC as of Feb 2019), BTV Bank or Sparkasse Tirol (as of Jul 2019)
BelarusBelinvestbank (as of Apr 2019)
BelgiumING (as of Jun 2019)
KBC (as of May 2019 with Visa)
BoliviaBancoFie (with Visa/MC as of Mar 2019)
Banco Pyme Ecofuturo (as of Dec 2016)
Bosnia HerzegovinaAddiko Bank  (as of Apr 2019)
Nova Banka (as of Apr 2019)
Sberbank (as of Apr 2019)
UniCredit Bank (as of Apr 2019)
AVOID Intesa Sanpaolo Banka (6 BAM fee), Sparkasse (7 BAM fee) and Raiffeisen (8 BAM fee)
BrazilBanco do Brasil ATMs (tested in September 2018 with Visa and MC)
Branco Bradesco (with Visa as of Feb 2019)
AVOID Itau (rejecting Visa as of Feb 2019)
BulgariaDSK Bank
Central Cooperative Bank
United Bulgarian Bank
SG Express Bank
Piraeus Bank Bulgaria
ProCredit Bank
Tokuda Bank (as of Aug 2019 with MC)
CambodiaAvoid Maybank and Canadia ($5/transaction)
CanadaNational Bank/Banque Nationale (as of Oct 2018), but seem to reject Visa as invalid as of Feb 2019
Tangerine (as of Oct 2018)
Cape Verde
Central African Rep
ChileItau Bank (as of Dec 2016)
Scotiabank (with MC/Visa as of May 2019, but not at “Scotiabank azul”)
AVOID Banco de Chile, Santander and Banco de Estado (5000-6500 CLP fee with Visa/MC as of Jan 2019)
China Mainlandbe aware that VPN might be necessary to access the Revolut app
Bank of China (as of Jul 2019 with Visa)
CITIC (as of Jul 2019 with Visa)
ICBC (as of Jul 2019 with Visa)
China Construction Bank (as of Jul 2019 with Visa)
Revolut MC rejected at Bank of China and at Postal Savings Bank as of Nov 2017/Oct 2018, but accepted at BoC as of Sep 2018
ColombiaBBVA (no fees as of Dec 2018)
AVOID Bancolombia (12000 COP fee)
BE AWARE at Davivienda Bank as they might apply DCC without asking
Congo (Democratic)
Costa RicaBAC Credomatic (as of Nov 2018)
Banco Nacional (as of Nov 2018)
CroatiaATM Euronet (only with Visa as of Sep 2018)
Erste Bank (as of Oct 2018)
IKB (Istarska Kreditna Banka) (as of Apr 2019)
OTP (as of Apr 2019)
PBZ (Privredna Banka Zagreb) (as of Apr 2019 with MC), but 16 HRK fee with Visa
RaiffeisenBank (as of Jun 2019 with MC)
Sberbank (as of Apr 2019)
Splitska Banka
 Zagrebačka banka (as of Jun 2019 when you decline the DCC option called “Bez konverzije valute”)
Moreover, POS withdrawals at Tisak, Konzum and Hrvatska Posta seem to be free too. EEA-issued cards should not have a fee anyway, apparently all Visa are free even on Euronet ATMs
Cuba* not really covered by many ATMs
CyprusAlpha Bank (as of Jul 2019)
Helleniki (as of Jul 2019 with Visa, but with acceptance problems sometimes)
Czech RepublicAirbank (as of Dec 2018)
CSOB (as of Dec 2018)
Fio (as of Dec 2018)
Komerční Banka (as of Dec 2018)
Raiffeisen (as of Dec 2018)
Unicredit Bank (as of Dec 2018)
AVOID Česká spořitelna (fee of 125 CZK) and Moneta Money Bank (fee of 195 CZK)
Denmark:Nordea (tested with MC)
AVOID Danske Bank (fees!)
Dominican RepublicNote: MC seems not to work at any ATM as of Nov 2018! POS payments are accepted!
Jumbo ATM (free with Visa as of Nov 2018)
East Timor
EcuadorBanco del Austro (as of Jun 2019 with MC)
Produbanco (free as of Oct 2018, but only MC was accepted!)
Banco Pacífico ($3 fee, as of Oct 2018)
Banco Guayaquil ($1,50 fee as of Oct 2018)
Banco Bolivariano ($2 fee as of Oct 2018)
El Salvador
Equatorial Guinea
FranceAny bigger bank is ok for Revolut Visa and MC (see 49)
GermanyNote: most ATM should be free, however there is detailed information below
Baden-Württembergische (with MC as of Dec 2018)
Commerzbank (as of Apr 2019)
Deutsche Bank (as of Apr 2019)
Hypovereinsbank (as of 2018)
Landesbank Baden-Württemberg (LBBW) (as of Apr 2019)
Postbank (as of Apr 2019)
Reisebank (as of Apr 2019)
Santander (tested in July 2018 with MC)
BE AWARE of random policies at Sparkasse ATMs because they might charge due to being independent regional branches
GhanaAgricultural Development Bank (as of July 2018)
GibraltarNatWest (as of Sep 2018)
GreeceNote: As of 2019, most banks apply a 2-2.50 EUR fee (Euronet even 4 EUR) for withdrawals with foreign cards. Nevertheless, there might be exceptions, especially cooperative banks (see below).
Attica Bank (as of Apr 2019 with Visa)
Bank of Chania (with MC as of Apr 2019)
HSBC (as of Apr 2019)
AVOID Piraeus Bank (fee of 3€ as of May 2019)
GuatemalaAVOID B5 ATM (fee of 31 Quetzales)
Hong KongCitibank (as of Mar 2017)
HSBC (as of Jan 2019)
Hang Seng (as of Jan 2019)
Hungaryall mayor bank ATMs are free of charge, e.g. Unicreditbank (as of Mar 2019)
IcelandAVOID Tomato ATM (minimum fee 180 ISK + 1%)
IndiaState Bank of India (as of Dec 2017)
Kasturba (as of Mar 2018)
Kotak Mahindra Bank (as of Sep 2016)
Yes Bank (as of Sep 2016)
Bank of Baroda (as of Dec 2017)
avoid Infusing Bank, Icici Bank and IndusInd Bank, HDFC Bank (as of Oct 2016)
Bank BCA
IrelandAllied Irish Bank AIB (as of May 2017)
Bank of Ireland (as of May 2018)
IsraelDiscount Bank (as of November 2018)
ItalyNOTE: currently all ATM seem to be free of charge in Italy
Banca Carige (as of Nov 2018 with MC)
Banca Popolare di Sondrio (as of Apr 2019 with MC)
BNL (with Visa as of Mar 2019)
Cariparma (tested in Mar 2018)
Poste (with MC as of Apr 2019)
Raiffeisen (as of Apr 2019 with MC)
Sparkasse (as of Apr 2019 with MC)
Unicredit (with MC and Visa as of Mar 2019)
Volksbank (as of Apr 2019 with MC)
Ivory Coast
Jamaicafees with Scotiabank, NCB or JMMB (about J$585 even at the withdrawal minimum of J$5000 as of Jun 2019)
Japanbe aware of the general issue of using Revolut there (due to non-acceptance of Visa/MC for withdrawal)
7-Eleven has free withdrawal for MC, but only partly for Visa (as of June 2018)
Postbank, CityBank and Mizuho should work with MC and Visa, but fees are unknown
JordanJordan Kuwait Bank (with MC as of Jan 2019, but newer reports suggest a fee of about 3%)
AVOID Arab Bank (fee of 3 JOD), Jordan Islamic Bank (fee of 3,5 JOD), Cairo Amman Bank (fee of 5 JOD), Bank of Jordan (fee of 5 JOD), Bank Al Etihad (fee of 5 JOD), Investmentbank (fee of 1 JOD) as well as Capitalbank (fee of 5 JOD) with MC as of Jan 2019. Housing Bank rejected MC as of Jan 2019
KazakhstanSberbank (as of Jun 2019)
KenyaDiamond Trust Bank (as of May 2018)
Equity Bank (as of May 2018)
Korea (North)let me see who’s there first 😉
Korea (South)/South KoreaShinhan (as of Nov 2017)
KB Star (as of Nov 2017)
avoid KEB Hana, Woori, IBK, Standard Chartered & ATMs in convenience stores: fees of 3000 – 3600 KRW
KosovoBKT (Banka Kombetare Tregtare), free with MC as of Oct 2018
AVOID Raiffeisen (5€ fee per withdraw as of Apr 2019)
KuwaitNOTE: Revolut withdrawals do not seem to work in Kuwait as of Apr 2019!
KyrgyzstanDemir bank (as of Sep 2018)
Optima bank (as of Sep 2018)
LatviaNote: all ATM withdrawals should be free of charge! The one’s below were tested by the community
Citadele Banka (with Visa as of Apr 2019)
Luminor Bank  (with Visa as of Apr 2019)
SEB Banka  (with Visa as of Apr 2019)
Swedbank  (with Visa as of Apr 2019)
MacedoniaHalkbank (as of Jul 2019 with MC)
Ohridska Banka  (as of Jul 2019 with MC)
Sparkasse Bank (as of Jul 2019 with MC)
Stopanska Banka (free with MC as of May 2018)
MalaysiaBSN Bank (as of Mar 2018 with Visa and MC)
CIMB BANK (for Visa and MC as of Oct 2018)
Maybank (as of Mar 2018 with Visa and MC)
avoid RHB Bank (fee as of Mar 2018)
MaltaBOV (Bank of Valletta, as of Jun 2019)
HSBC (as of May 2019)
Marshall Islands
Mexicono free ATMs withdrawals found. Usually, there is a fee charged (vary across brands and subsidaries). BanCoppel (15MXN), HSBC (33 MXN flat fee) and Banorte (46 MXN fee), BBVA Bancomer (25.52 MXN), Citi Banamex (30.74 MXN) or Santander (34.80 MXN) as of 2018.
MoroccoAl Barid Bank (البريد بنك) as of Aug 2019
Banque Populaire (as of Feb 2017)
BMCE (with Visa as of Sep 2018), but issues and fee with MC as of Feb 2019!
BMCI (as of Jun 2019)
Credit Agricole (as of Feb 2017), but other reports suggest a fee without option to abort as of Aug 2019
AVOID Attijariwafa bank (23 MAD fee for 100 MAD withdrawal with MC as of Feb 2019!), Banque Populaire
NepalEverest Bank (as of Sep 2016)
Kailash Bikas Bank (as of Sep 2016)
Nepal Bank Limited (as of Sep 2016)
avoid Nabil Bank, Nepal Investment Bank and Himalayan Bank
NetherlandsABN-AMRO (as of May 2019)
ING (as of May 2019)
Rabobank (as of May 2019)
SNS (as of May 2019)
New ZealandWestpac (as of Dec 2016)
avoid ANZ, BNZ, ASB, Kiwibank or NBS
NigeriaAccess Bank (with Visa/MC as of Mar 2019)
Diamond Bank (with Visa/MC as of Mar 2019)
UBA (with Visa/MC as of Mar 2019)
OmanBank Dhofar (as of Nov 2018)
Bank Muscat (as of Nov 2018)
Papua New Guinea
PeruBCP (with Visa as of Apr 2019, since Jul 2019 possibly free with MC too)
AVOID BBVA (25 PEN fee for MC as of Apr 2019, max withdrawal is 400 PEN!)
PhilippinesHSBC (as of Jan 2017)
withdrawal also works at BDO Bank and BPI Bank (but with fee and max amount)
PolandATM Euronet (as of Sep 2018 with Visa, but not with MC)
ATM Global (free for Visa and MC as of Sep 2018)
Bank Pekao SA (as of Aug 2018 with MC)
PKO Bank Polski (as of Aug 2018 with MC)
Santander (ex-BZBWK)
PortugalMultibanco (for Visa and MC)
RomaniaBanca Transilvania (with Visa as of May 2019)
BCR Bank (with MC as of Sep 2018)
BRD Bank/BRD-GSG Bank (as of Oct 2018)
CEC Bank (with MC as of Jan 2019)
ING (as of Oct 2018)
OTP Bank (with MC as of Jan 2019)
Raiffeisen (with Visa as of May 2019)
Russian FederationBank Otrkitie (as of Jun 2019 with MC)
BIN Bank (with Visa as of Sep 2018)
VTB (as of Jun 2019 with MC)
St Kitts & Nevis
St Lucia
Saint Vincent & the Grenadines
San Marino
Sao Tome & Principe
Saudi Arabia
SerbiaAddiko Bank  (as of Jul 2019)
AIK Banka Jubanka (with MC as of May 2018)
Erste Bank (with MC as of May 2018)
Multicard ATM (as of Jul 2019)
AVOID Raiffeisen (fee of 500RSD), Vojvodanska (fee of 500 RSD)
Sierra Leone
SingaporeUOB (as of Oct 2018)
SlovakiaPostova Banka (for MC and Visa as of Sep 2018)
Unicredit (for MC and Visa as of Sep 2018)
Tatra Banka (as of Nov 2018, but there are reports that MC cards are not accepted sometimes!)
VUB (as of Nov 2018)
Prima Banka (for Visa as of Nov 2018)
AVOID Slovenska sporitelna (fee or DCC as of Nov 2018)
SloveniaUnicredit (as of Mar 2019)
AVOID Abanka (fee of 4 EUR as of Aug 2019)
Solomon Islands
South AfricaNOTE: fees of around 50 ZAR seem to be common as of Feb 2019, however, check the detailed information below
Capitec (free as of Apr 2019)
First National Bank (free before, now R50 fees with MC as of Sep 2018)
avoid Standard Bank and Nedbank (fees!)
South Sudan
SpainArquia Banca (as of Jul 2019 with MC)
Banca March (free with Visa as of Nov 2018, although there might be a fee of 1.80 EUR as of Feb 2019 for MC)
Bank Inter (as of May 2019, but apparently now with fees)
CaixaBank (as of Aug 2019 with Visa when selecting Checking account)
Cajamar (as of Dec 2018 when selecting “Creditcard”, but a 1.85€ fee since then!)
Deutsche Bank (as of Apr 2019)
ING (as of Oct 2017, but fees as of Jun 2019 with Visa)
La Caixa (as of Dec 2018 with Visa, but fees of 2 EUR with MC as of Mar 2019!)
Liberbank (as of Dec 2017)
Telebanco (as of July 2017)
UniCaja (with MC as of Mar 2019)
AVOID Sabadell (2 EUR with MC), Bankia (2 EUR with MC), Herrero, Santander group ATMs (2 EUR with MC), Targobank (2 EUR fee) BBVA (1.86 EUR fee), Banco Popular & Caja Rural Granada (1.95 EUR with MC)
Sri LankaBank Nations Trust (as of June 2017)
BOC Bank of Ceylon (as of June 2017)
SwitzerlandAny ATM withdrawal is free of charge (e.g. Raiffeisenbank etc.)
TaiwanBank of Taiwan (with MC as of Dec 2018)
Cathay Bank (as of Nov 2017)
SinoPac (as of Nov 2017)
TanzaniaKCB Bank (as of Jul 2019 with MC)
AVOID  NBC ATMs (do not accept MasterCard, Visa/Visa Plus only) and Barclays ATM (fee of 15.400 TSH, about 5,85 EUR)
Trinidad & Tobago
TurkeyAkbank (with MC as of Apr 2019)
Ziraat Bank (with MC as of Apr 2019)
AVOID Garanti Bank (2,5% fee for withdrawals as of Apr 2019)
Turks and CaicosIGA ATM (tested in August 2016 with MC)
UkraineKredo Bank (as of April 2019 with Visa)
Ukrsibbank (УкрСиббанк) (as of Jul 2019 with Visa)
AVOID  Ukreximbank (Укрексимбанк) because of 50 UAH fee using Revolut Visa or Privatbank (ПриватБанк) for being quite pushy about DCC, 10 UAH fee using Revolut Visa
United Arab Emirates
United Kingdom
United StatesAttention: might depend on ATM location and not branch!
PNC Bank (with MC as of August 2016)
Santander (Philadelphia branch as of May 2019)
Sun East Credit Union (as of Dec 2016)
Wells Fargo (for Visa and MC as of Nov 2018, info not valid for NYC ATM -> 5 USD fee)
WSFS (PA area, as of Feb 2018)
AVOID Chase, Bank of America, TD Bank (fees) and Key Bank, Peoples Bank, Union Bank (declined card)
UruguayAttention: all major banks seem to charge Mastercards, e.g. Redbrou charges 100 UYU and Banred & BBVA charge 199 UYU (ca. 6 USD) as of Feb 2019
Banco de la República Uruguay BROU (no fees with Visa as of Mar 2019)
UzbekistanKapital Bank (as of Jun 2019)
Vatican City
Vietnam:HSBC (withdrawal in HCMC)
ACB (up to 3m VND for Visa only!)
MB Bank (as of June 2017)
Saigon Commerical Bank (as of June 2017)
VP Bank (as of Mar 2018)

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